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The Mind of God

Philippians 2:5 KJV

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus

What is the mind?

According to various dictionaries, the mind can be interpreted as brain, perception, attitude, intellect and so much more.

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Here I am sat in my living room and this verse springs to my mind. I mean I have read this verse so many times and even committed it to my memory, but I feel different about it today. It’s almost like a new revelation. Hold on, how come I never saw this before? You see the bible is such an amazing book because the same chapter you’re accustomed to can shine in so many different ways, that is why it’s a book like no other.

Let this mind be in you, to me this means we can have different minds. Out there in the world, it’s not just the mind of God but there are so many minds. So this verse comes almost as a caution to say that if you had a choice, choose to have the mind of God (which was also in Christ Jesus).

The mind of God is victorious, it’s thinking of winning and not failure. It is a mind that stays on top and never below. It’s a mind that cannot be defeated by anything. So, when you want to start eating healthier and you worry that this is the 100th time and you’re almost certain it won’t work, perhaps it’s time to try the mind of God.

The mind of God is having power and authority over illnesses and diseases. When Jesus was here on earth, he came to show us an example. Do you know that we too can have the power to heal illnesses? The disciples were just people like us and even their shadows were that powerful. They had the power to chase demons out of people. That is the mind of God.

Lastly, the mind of God for me is the power to overcome. Can you imagine the struggle Christ went through on the cross, the amount of pain! But he overcame it all. He endured the afflictions and conquered. Now, can you imagine what you can do with the mind of God, the mind that has no fear but moves with courage?

The mind is such a powerful thing, even the bible says by beholding we shall become changed. Our minds are the battleground of life, that’s where we choose our destiny and whether we will win or lose. Our characters are made in the mind. Once a man makes his mind up about something, no one can change that.

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I have had the privilege of travelling around the world and one time in Thailand, I went to see the tigers. These tigers were kept in an animal sanctuary, I looked at these animals and saw how huge they were, their teeth so sharp but yet they were being controlled by a stick that even a baby could break. What happens is that, when these tigers are babies, whenever they misbehave or refuse to follow instruction, they are disciplined with this stick. So, even in their adulthood, they are still fearful of the stick. Although they have the power and physical strength to break the stick and kill the person holding the stick, the mind has already been conditioned to be afraid of it.

Our minds are just like the tigers if they are not submitted to God. We too can be imprisoned in the mind. We may walk around free but in our minds, we are prisoners and captives to the desires of our bodies, to living in fear and so much more.

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