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Pray Until Something Happens

How many of us have felt like Hannah at some point in our lives?

It might not necessarily be about a child but the different seasons we have been in life. Hannah did not realise the favour she had from her husband during her time of need because she was only focused on having a child. Think of the times when you have been fixated on something so much that you fail to realise other blessings in your life. Imagine this, Peninah had children right, but favour was upon Hannah, she got double portion. Let’s learn to appreciate the blessings we have in each season. God will always and always give us something to be grateful for.

Let’s reflect on the time Jesus came on earth until the day he died. The disciples and people around him had formed a bond with him and they were saddened by his crucifixion but, he didn’t leave them alone. They were left with the Holy Spirit, therefore they were not completely alone. We are not alone, we have the Holy Spirit with us even during those times we feel God has turned from us. Let that be our comfort.

Going back to Hannah; you see a dedicated woman through her commitment to going into the house of the lord to pray for what she wants. Hannah teaches us not to quickly give up but to keep pressing on because God will always come through. Some of us have given up just before the finishing line. That’s one problem I see in this generation. We have a lot of get rich now skims which are removing us from the importance of being patient and having faith. We don’t have room for faith because we want everything now. The problem is, we are motivated by people who make it seem like faith and patience are things of the past. Please don’t miss quote me, I am not saying that as Christians we must always wait and keep waiting, that everything takes time to manifest. What am saying is, in life we have to be patient to know that if today I get my first job, am not going to be a millionaire over night. I must first have faith in becoming a billionaire, declare God’s promises upon our lives then be patient in prayer knowing that God always comes through.

There is an abbreviation which says P.U.S.H, (pray until something happens). Like Hannah, how willing are you to pray until something happens. Remember we don’t fight with flesh but through the spirit and prayer is the direct communication to God and there is a shift in the spirit when we pray. People around you might think you are going crazy when they see you praying, especially when we pray for a situation that might seem impossible in our human eyes. Remember, we serve a living God, the same God who blessed Hannah, so your prayers shall be answered too. Don’t be discouraged by the Peninahs in your life who will make you feel less of a person or like God’s hands are not of you because of what they have. Also, remember that comparison is the thief of all joy, learn to appreciate what you have in your current season with faith and patience that your prayers are heard and your blessing is on its way.

When you go social media, you see people doing bae goals, engagements and weddings left right and centre and yet you are single and your dms are probably dry or you are getting attention from people who are not for you. Our patience is tested and we end up settling for just anything because we do not have faith that God will come through. This is one of the reasons why there is a high rate of divorce and single parents in our generation because we are too quick to settle. My fellow Hannahs of this generation, please do not settle, have patience and know that by faith your portion is on its way but always remember to glorify God with what you currently have, even if it’s little.

Hannah also teaches us to keep our promises. How many times have we asked God for something and promised him something in return. “Please God let me pass my exam and I promise I will do the dishes and help my parents around the house.” How many times have we done this, we are all guilty sisters, always fake promises to our Heavenly Father and I can only imagine how he feels when we let him down, it’s painful. Hannah gave back that one thing she wanted so desperately to God, she kept her promises. Let’s surrender our all to God and give it all to him for his name’s sake. That marriage you have been praying for, once it comes, what are you going to do? Some of us will stop our prayer life because we have been given what we asked for instead we forget to give it up to God and surrender to him and see what he will do. My friend, give that promotion, marriage, child, car to God, let him be the centre of it all and see how amazing these blessings will be.

I used to think people were crazy when they say am dedicating my car to God. I never really understood the concept behind it but after reading the story of Hannah and how she gave her only son to God, it just put everything into perspective. We should give all our blessings back to God and humble ourselves, let him be glorified, not you. Even the most little thing, give it back to God and watch what will happen in your life.

Let’s be reminded of the story of Hannah always, your blessing is on the way, stop looking at Peninah over there, focus on your own self. I challenge you today to get rid of the Peninah in your life and turn your face to God. I challenge you today to be patient and to have faith, that kind of crazy faith, faith of the mustard seed, faith that can move mountains, yes that Faith. I challenge us, the Hannahs of this generation to get up from the bed of self pity and comparison and go on our knees, I challenge us to pray those crazy prayers, the kind of prayers that people will think we are drunk, the kind of prayers that will shift the spirit. I CHALLENGE US HANNAHS TO P.U.S.H !!!! To God be the glory.

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