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God’s Plan In My Life

As I am listening to Michael Todd on YouTube talking about ripping the list and God’s plan, it just got me thinking about my journey into my current career.

After completing 6th form, I passed philosophy and Ethics with an A. At the time, I did not know what I know now. I was always good at it in class but I did not know that it was part of God’s master plan for my life. I, therefore, went to study business and Human Resources management. Let me tell you this, anything that is not of God is easy to do. My first degree was a breeze, I could go in lectures and sleep. I remember not attending lectures for a whole module. I never attended from start to finish but I still passed it. At that time I was still wondering why people say university is hard. It was just a breeze!

Of course, I had my own trials and tribulations. I went through it at university, each year had its own struggle but I never felt the struggle because I was constantly on the go. I never stopped for a second to catch a breath. It felt like I was in cruise control mode. Then it came to me looking for a job, I went for interviews upon interviews to the point that I was told I was over qualified. I remember just saying you know what God, if I don’t get this job am just going to study social work.

So, there I was, going to study social work and I really did not want to do it. My journey into social work started with me writing my personal statement. I remember talking to my brother and he advised me to study it. It was never on my mind but he advised me and I took the advice, for some reason I value his opinion. Now I understand how God can talk to you through people in your life. I remember reassuring myself that this was going to be a back up plan lol. Anyway, I went for one interview and I got a place but it just felt like I was being forced. I had another interview with the university that was in my area. I ignored their interview emails because I did not want to study this course!!

One morning I was in bed in my Uni apartment in Leicester when I heard my iPad ringing. I checked and saw a name on it so I answered out of curiosity. I was used to receiving messages from perverts. I checked who it was and then boom, it was a lecturer from the university calling me for an interview. Imagine this, I was in bed wearing pjs and I had not prepared anything. Bare in mind, it was a video interview lol. I answered the 6 questions and I am sure he could tell I had just waken up. After the interview, I could not believe what had happened.

Long story short, I got the place to study and ended up going to study there. Let’s just reflect on my journey into uni, Crazy right.

I went through the most challenging 2 years of my life. Still, I worked hard. I never realised how strong I was until I had to go for a week without sleep because I had to go to work straight after uni. I slaved! Even now, I still cannot believe or understand how I survived it. Through my struggle, there were angels along the way who made the struggle bearable.

At my part time job, they allowed me to leave early so that I could catch my bus to placement, at my placement my tutor told me I was doing an amazing job. I was tested with my uni work but thank God I passed in the end. I had angels along the way, picking me up when I felt like I had lost it all. I had one or two people who would pick me up; small acts of kindness. Even in places where God sent his angels, I still had challenges. The devil did not want to see me win but little did he know that this was a testimony brewing.

I managed to secure a job before most people on my course who were doing better than I was. Out of all my friends at Uni, I was the first one to secure a job. I was the worst one with the lowest marks, probably the only one everyone thought wasn’t going to make it.

I am at that job now and I’m starting to see God’s plan. I am still facing hiccups though, for instance, the travelling time to work. It still does not compare to the blessings and favour. Can you spot the trend in my testimony? I thought I had everything under control but God said no. I went through my own personal sodom and Gomorrah at my first university. I was of the world but God had a plan for me so I survived the worst. God showed me who the master was, not me but him. However, even as I was starting to walk into my destiny, the devil tried me, I wish I could make you understand how the struggle was while during my masters degree. I went through it and survived. I’m working in the field God called me, that’s favour and I know it’s only just the beginning.

My prophet friend prophesied to me during a phone call but I don’t think she understood that God was speaking through her. She said some powerful words and like I said, it’s only just the beginning. I can see God’s hand in this job. My fellow brothers and sisters, when Jesus says yes, even you cannot say no, I could not say no. Just listen and obey, you will see what he has planned for you. I am happy knowing that God’s plan is the best plan. Now I understand what he meant when he said for I know the purpose I have for you in Jeremiah, it’s only for prosperity. Glory to God because he has done great things and he continues to do more 🙌🏾.

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