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Fruit Of The Spirit

I used to call them the “fruits” of the spirit until someone corrected me that it was the “fruit”. This highlights that you develop all at once and they all work together. If it’s a singular, you cannot have a fraction, they all make up one fruit and having the fruit of the spirit is a gradual process.

By understanding that it’s one fruit of other 9 characteristics instead of 9 fruits brings a level of humbleness as a follower of Christ because, clearly, you cannot do it by yourself. You cannot say I’m working on having this fruit which has 9 characteristics, it’s not a matter of cross-checking and ticking if you have one character and not another.

You cannot strategies on how today you are going to secure one character and tomorrow another. A situation might be thrown at you, which will test how this fruit is working in you. Let’s say the situation requires you to be patient through suffering, as a believer, you must have joy in your heart knowing that it’s God’s will. Also, regardless of the situation, you must remain kind and respectful to those around you. It all works together.

As a human you cannot achieve this fruit by yourself, it’s your communion with the Holy Spirit that allows you to have the fruit. When the Holy Spirit is working in you, it’s not simply because you are a believer of Jesus Christ, therefore the Holy Spirit is obligated to give you the fruit. It’s all part of your relationship, hence I said it’s a gradual process. You do not just wake up one day with the fruit, even great servants of God fail sometimes. This does not mean God is not with them, it’s simply a process and the Holy Spirit is working on them.

You cannot call yourself a follower of Christ if you do not admit there are times when the Holy Spirit holds you back, it’s a constant battle between the flesh and the spirit. The flesh wants to react fast and deal with the situation, whereas the spirit is offering peace. You may be thinking of reacting according to the flesh, but the Holy Spirit will convince you otherwise, that’s when conviction comes in. Again, conviction does not come without the Holy Spirit, it’s because there is a relationship, that’s why he is able to correct you when you mess up. As a believer, you should always humble yourself, accept correction, ask for forgiveness and have the willingness to listen and learn.

This is why Jesus said it’s easier for children to enter the kingdom of God because children are humble and they have the willingness to learn. They are not like adults who are boastful, ignorant, full of ego and pride. You cannot convince an adult otherwise once they set their mind on something. We live in a world that puts emphasis on valuing emotions/feelings to the extent that one may feel attacked when they are simply being corrected. Some people are quick to make themselves victims, they do not want to be accountable. It’s hard to rebuke people without them telling you that you are being judgmental or think you know it all. Everything is personal and people are so sensitive in the flesh that they miss out on hearing the spirit.

All this is evidence of how our generation needs Jesus more than ever and I fear for generations to come. Young children who are being raised by such a generation and who will grow up to raise their own children.

So how do you accept the rebuke and correction of the Holy Spirit through convictions if you always the play victim and believe you are always right? At what point are you willing to submit and let the spirit of God have His way in your life.

It’s clear that it’s not easy being a Christian, flesh alone cannot achieve this. We need the spirit and thank you, Jesus, for making a provision for us otherwise, we would be doomed.

Take each day as it comes and work on your relationship with the Holy Spirit. Let him work in and through you and just like that, you will be amazed at how much you will change and you will testify that this is not your doing.

We need to let go of this idea that we have of “ I “ even the bible says “I can do anything through Christ” meaning, the only way for you to do what you are doing is because of God. It’s not by your power or might. It’s hard to let go of control, especially when you are used to being in control and you are used to doing things according to your own standards.

May God work on me so that I may be like a child who is willing to learn and be taught. To have a child-like mindset, a child-like faith, the ability to have total surrender and submission, allowing God to be God. The ability to not allow this world to take over and consume me till I conform to things of this world all because of “feelings and emotions”. The ability to be able to spread this message to my peers and also teach my children from birth so that they will be strengthened by the spirit of God and not the world. I want my children to be raised by the Holy Spirit as they are children of the Most High God, just like Jesus. He was born by earthly parents but he was a child of God, therefore, God raised him. That’s why he was who he was and also, able to carry the works of his father. It all starts with the root and the root is the parent’s total submission to God. Ability to understand and comprehend the scripture that says, “You can do all things through CHRIST who gives you strength”.

May the grace of God be with you always.

PS. This writing is not by my power or might because it also talking to me. I’m not perfect or better than anyone. Just like you, I am going to read this too.

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