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Fake News: False Prophets!

Everyone wants to hear from God, everyone is in search of what God has to say. You see people worrying and in search of what is going to happen in the future and the only person who can tell the future is God because he already knows.

Jeremiah 1:5 ministers that he already knew us before we were even born, therefore, every step we take, every hardship we gave in life, he has already seen that and he already knows that you will overcome.

We do not serve a faulty God but we save a God of perfection, therefore, we cannot blame Him for any fault in this world or our lives. Has it ever occurred to you that God already saw the puddle that you are currently in and he already saw you surviving? You are already an over comer. There is no way that an all knowing and all powerful God can forget you, leave you high and dry when you go through hardship. In fact, he is a God who has already made a way before you knew that you needed the way. He is a God who has already equipped you to overcome.

The bible says the word of God is shaper that a double aged sword Hebrew 4:12. With this alone, you can see the power God has. Let me just remind you that this God said He knows the plans He has for us in Jeremiah 29:11. Why do we grieve the spirit of God by conforming to every prophetic word we listen to you? Not everyone who prophesies is of God. Some will say I am not into prophecy, I have never looked for a prophet but how about that horoscope you look at every morning? Is it not a worldly version of prophecy though?

Okay, let’s talk about palm reading and fortune telling. What’s all that? You call yourself a Christian but you abide in these things! Why do you grieve the spirit of God? We should aim to live a Christlike life and I don’t think God ever went to any fortune teller, why do you?

Prophetic word is the new pandemic in the body of Christ, everyone wants to know. Many people have tapped into the dark world because of prophecy, the bible tells us to be aware of false prophets in Matthew 7:15-20. Not everyone who says Lord Lord is of God, even Jesus said when the day comes, he will say he never knew some people, Matthew 7:21.

My friend, that prophet you like going to everyday might be your one way ticket to hell. These prophets are out there to kill and destroy, snatching people’s destinies like their papa the devil, John 10:10. Gods is not happy, you hear people saying prophesy mama prophesy papa. They will do anything for a prophet but will never do the same for God, spending money subscribing to fortune tellers, palm readers, tarot reader, Horoscopes but do not return offerings in church.

This is a real pandemic in the body of Christ. My friend, we need to seek the face of God before it’s too late. We need to repent of all the times we went out of “our” way in the name of “free” will, wanting to know the “future” because God is not happy. We all have a choice and unfortunately some choose to conform to false prophets, even if they know. God is not happy, let’s not grieve the spirit of God. How different are we from Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah? The bible advises us to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness first, then all the others things will be given to us, Matthew 6:33. Have you finished seeking God? You are so greedy, God is not happy stop it, repent and ask for God’s mercy, God is not happy!

Submit all your ways to the Lord, Psalm 37:5. Allow God to be God and in everything you do, do it as if you were doing it for God, 1 Corinthians 16:14. Your love for God is enough to do everything in love and that’s how you will hear God for yourself. He will help you to complete everything from A to Z because he cares. He even said he knows the number of hairs on you, Luke 12:7. He is a God who wants to know you personally, wake up with you and go to bed with you. He wants to be involved in every stage, every step you take Proverbs, 3:5-6. Why are you putting your trust in a mere human than God?

Surely if you are walking with God like Abraham did, you know that everything is under control, even the future you are so eager to know. This restlessness caused about the future is a sign that the spirit of God has departed. The bible tells us that the fruit of the spirit includes peace, long suffering, patience and endurance, Galatians 5:22-23, therefore why be restless if the spirit is giving you peace?

Seek the kingdom of God, not prophets. God loves you and he will reveal everything to you in due time. Hold on to God, do not conform to things of the world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, Romans 12:2. Ask God to guide you and to let go of your dependency on false prophets. Ask God for peace of mind. Trust God in all your ways, Psalms 46:10.

I will say it again, seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness first and everything else will be given to you.

Tanya was kind enough to share with us a podcast version of this thought. click here to watch or listen to her speak. Don’t forget to share!

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