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God Is Always On Time

Updated: May 28, 2020

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Remember when Jairus went to Jesus, asking him to heal his daughter?

Remember how, while on their way to Jairus’ house, Jesus got hijacked by a lady with an issue of blood?

Jesus stopped, healed that lady and continued chatting with her. In the meantime, Jairus' daughter was running out of time.

Remember how time actually ran out and the 12 year old girl died while Jesus was busy chatting with the lady?

Remember someone came and asked Jirus not to trouble Jesus anymore because the girl had sadly died?

Imagine yourself being this dad for a second. If I were him, I would've said to Jesus, "I came to you first but you decided to wait around, delaying time. Look now, my daughter is dead."

It feels like Jesus was busy blessing others around Jairus whilst his daughter was dying.

Anyway, the rest of the story is history. Jesus later brings her back to life. Yes, he got interrupted. Yes, he was delayed. Yes, she died but the problem wasn’t bigger than Jesus’ ability.

Right now, it probably feels like he's busy helping others around you while your situation is getting worse. My message to you today is, he knows what he’s doing, just trust him.

He may seem delayed but he's always on time.

Read: Mark 5:21-43

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